Oris Big Crown Replica Watch UK With Green Dial Celebrates The Collection’s 80TH Anniversary

In 1938 Oris created a pioneering wristwatch for the pilots which was with huge crown. It was aiming to make it convenient for the pilots to operate when wearing the gloves. The principle of Oris is to create the cheap fake watches with exquisite appearance, high quality and high performance.

The combination of the bronze case and green dial make the timepiece very vintage.

Oris Copy With Dark Brown Leather Strap

80 years later, the Big Crown collection not only continues the original beauty and practicability, but also becomes on the iconic collection of the watch brand. You will feel the strong sense of the brand’s long history on this Oris Big Crown copy watch with bronze case.

It makes the wearers more elegant and gentle.

Vintage Oris Big Crown Imitation Watch

We know that the bronze could be considered as one of the most popular materials in watchmaking industry. However, the reason why Oris chose it to manufacture its products is because of the oxidizing effect of the bronze, which is the best way to present the collection’s long history. With the green dial and bronze case, the 40 mm Oris imitation watch sports a distinctive look of retro style.

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